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Matrix homeserver configuration

Create a registration file for Kazarma:

id: "Kazarma"
url: "https://kazarma.domain/matrix/"
as_token: "CHANGE_THIS"
hs_token: "CHANGE_THIS"
sender_localpart: "_kazarma"
- exclusive: true
regex: "#_ap_.+___.+"
- exclusive: true
regex: "@_ap_.+___.+"
  • url points to your Kazarma instance, with a /matrix/ route;
  • as_token and hs_token should be generated as explained in the installation guides.
  • sender_localpart is the username of the main bot;
  • namespace regexes include the "puppet prefix" that is also part of Kazarma configuration. Here they also include the domain separator, just to be a little more restrictive.

Configure your Matrix homeserver to find it, for instance with Synapse:

- kazarma.yaml