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Kazarma is a Matrix bridge for the ActivityPub network. It stands beside a Matrix server and acts as a federated ActivityPub server.

For a list of features, see the roadmap.


Kazarma creates "puppet" users (in the purple frame on the image), which mirror real users on the opposite network. Those are of 3 kinds:

  • ActivityPub users (here in red) are always bridged. Their puppet user includes the ActivityPub domain in their username (@carole___pleroma:kazarma);
  • local Matrix users (here in green) are also bridged. This is intended for Matrix homeserver administrators to install Kazarma as a local bridge, so that the ActivityPub username maps nicely with the Matrix user ID (alice@kazarma);
  • federated Matrix users (here in blue) are bridged if the Kazarma instance is configured to do so. It is made for public Kazarma instances, such as, that can be used by Matrix users whose homeserver doesn't have a local Kazarma. Puppet users on the ActivityPub network include their Matrix domain in their username (bob___matrix@kazarma)