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Install using an Erlang release

You can deploy Kazarma using plain Erlang releases. Those can be built and run on different systems, as long as they are similar (same architecture, distribution, ABI). For more information, see the Elixir documentation.

Build the release

git clone -b 1.0.0 --depth 1
cd kazarma
git submodule update --init --recursive
mix deps.get --only prod
MIX_ENV=prod mix release

The release is the directory _build/prod/rel/kazarma. Place it wherever you want, then cd to it.


mv .env.example .env

Modify the .env file according to your needs. The configuration options are explained here.

Generate secrets:

(echo -n "DATABASE_PASSWORD="; openssl rand -hex 64) >> .env
(echo -n "SECRET_KEY_BASE="; openssl rand -hex 64) >> .env
(echo -n "HOMESERVER_TOKEN="; openssl rand -hex 64) | tee /dev/tty >> .env
(echo -n "ACCESS_TOKEN="; openssl rand -hex 64) | tee /dev/tty >> .env

Configure your Matrix homeserver

Configure you Matrix homeserver, using the generated homeserver token and access token.

Run the migrations

From the release directory:

bin/kazarma eval "Kazarma.Release.migrate()"

Run the release

bin/kazarma start