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Install using Docker Compose


Download the necessary files:

wget -O docker-compose.yml
wget -O .env


Modify the .env file according to your needs. The configuration options are explained here.

Generate secrets:

(echo -n "DATABASE_PASSWORD="; openssl rand -hex 64) >> .env
(echo -n "SECRET_KEY_BASE="; openssl rand -hex 64) >> .env
(echo -n "HOMESERVER_TOKEN="; openssl rand -hex 64) | tee /dev/tty >> .env
(echo -n "ACCESS_TOKEN="; openssl rand -hex 64) | tee /dev/tty >> .env

Configure your Matrix homeserver

Configure you Matrix homeserver, using the generated homeserver token and access token.

Run the migrations

docker compose run --rm kazarma eval "Kazarma.Release.migrate()"

Start Kazarma

docker compose up -d