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ActivityPub user rooms

You can join Matrix rooms that show all public activities created by an ActivityPub actor (user, group, channel…).

For any given actor whose Matrix puppet is @user___server:homserver, their outbox room will have an alias #user___server:homeserver (the @ is changed to a #). This alias is shown when searching for an actor.

These rooms are created for both users and groups (PeerTube channels for instance).

If the room does not exist, searching for its alias will trigger its creation.

Forwarded activities

Those type of activities are forwarded to outbox rooms:

  • Post (public posts in Mastodon and Pleroma)
  • Video (from PeerTube)
  • Event (from Mobilizon)


You can reply to those transferred events to send a public comment.

Sending a message

Sending a message in an ActivityPub outbox room will create a public post mentioning the actor.


Send !kazarma follow in the room to follow the user, and !kazarma unfollow to unfollow.